How to Apply in Iceland


Information on the application procedure and the respective forms can be found on the websites of the universities. All in all the application process can be called quite simple and uncomplicated. Students from EU-countries should hand in their application until the 1st of March.

General Application Deadlines:
From January till October for the following summer semester;
From November till May for the following winter semester.

The following documents should accompany your application:

  • Application form for the admission
  • Certificate of secondary education
  • Transcript of Records
  • Proof of sufficient language proficiency (the university decides what is sufficient)

Admission Requirements

For being accepted at an Icelandic university you have to have the Icelandic secondary education degree ''Stúdentsprófsskírteinis'' or an equivalent secondary education certificate (e.g. the German Abitur). In some cases applicants are accepted that do not fulfill this requirement if they can proof profound work experience. For work-oriented or technical studies some universities or universities of applied sciences expect work experience.

Special Cases: The art academy has admission examinations. And medicine students as well as nursing, physiotherapy and dental medicine students have to pass a test after the first semester to continue their study. More information on the admission process can be found on the respective websites of the universities.