How to Apply in Italy


In Italy the application is send directly to the university.

There is no nation-wide application in Italy. The deadlines are organized individually by every university and faculty. Exact dates can be found on the websites of the universities.

By rule of thumb the following deadlines apply:
Beginning of August: Application for study programs with minimum grade
Beginning of September: Admission examinations of Italian universities
End of September: Application for study programs without minimum grade
October: Enrollment
October/November: Beginning of studies

Also most of the time the following documents are required:

  • Application Form: The application form can be found and downloaded on the universities´ websites or in most cases it can also be send by mail.
  • Certificate of Secondary Education: The certificate has to be accompanied by an Italian translation which should be officially certified.
  • „dichiarazione di valore“: This is a certificate from the Italian consulate which proves that the secondary education is equivalent to the Italian degree.
  • Copy of passport or identification card

Always check with the university about what the specific requirements are before sending the application. The requirements vary from university to university and should be inquired by the respective faculty or international office.

Important notice:
There are universities where applicants have to take so-called “orientation examinations”. The results of the test do not have any influence on the application. Nevertheless the test has to be taken to be able to apply. The dates for the respective tests can be found online on the websites of the universities.

Admission Requirements
As each of the universities can decide for themselves what the exact admission requirements are, reliable information can only be inquired directly from the universities. Usually the international offices are the specialist contact person for international students.

It is therefore advisable to check with your university of choice about the specific admission requirements.