How to Apply in Spain


General admission requirements for a taking up a study program in Spain is the Spanish secondary degree „Título de Bachiller“ or a European equivalent.

The departments of the respective study program decide which is the maximum grade that is accepted for a course of study. This maximum grade is published by the ministry of education, the regional education board and the universities. Information on the maximum grade (“notas de corte”) can be found on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Social politics and Sports.
To get detailed information on the admission requirements you should turn to the international office of the university of your choice (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales).

Admission requirements
EU applicants can apply directly to the Spanish university. To be accepted they also have to fulfill the admission requirements of their home countries.

The application has to be realized online, directly on the website of the „Universidad de Educación a Distancia (UNED)“. After a see through of the application documents including a „translation“ of the home country grading system into the Spanish grading system, the UNED hands out a so called “credencial”. The “credencial” proves that the applicant is suitable for studying a Spanish university.

For some subjects or universities specific admission examinations can be required. Furthermore applicants have to prove their language proficiency. Depending on the university, applicants have to pass a specific test at the respective university or they have to prove their proficiency by a specific language certificate.

For more detailed information on the admission requirements prospective students should make sure to check out the respective university´s website and get in touch with the international office.

Admission examination ''Selectividad''

Another possibility to be accepted at a Spanish university is to take the admission examination called „Pruebas de Aptitud para el Acceso a la Universidad (PAAU)“ or in short “selectividad” . The selectividad proves that the prior secondary education is sufficient for being able to study successfully at a Spanish university. The selectividad consists of two tests, the “fase general” and the “fase specifica”.

In the first test, testees have to prove their general knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as history and literature and a foreign language. The second test is not obligatory, it can, however, be used to increase the score of your test. Topics of the second test can be chosen from the following subjects: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering and Nature Sciences. The selectividad can be taken up to three times if an applicant did not pass the test.

For further information please visit the official website on the admission of Spanish universities.