Application Procedures for Studying in Different EU-Countries

The process of applying at a university is of course, again, dependent on the country you are applying in. However, some broad rules can be given which we summarize below. Also we provide you with information on different application processes in some selected EU-countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, England)

In most countries you need the following documents for applying to a course of study:

  • Your A-Level certificate or certificate of secondary education (alternatively an ¬ĄInternational Baccalaureate Diploma¬ď is accepted by most countries)
  • A proof of English proficiency or proficiency in the language of the country of the University

Here we have summarized the most imporant tips and information on the application procedure in selected EU-countries*:

How to Apply in Belgium

How to Apply in Denmark

How to Apply in Finland

How to Apply in France

How to Apply in Iceland

How to Apply in Ireland

How to Apply in Italy

How to Apply in Lithuania

How to Apply in the Netherlands

How to Apply in Spain

How to Apply in the UK

*All information given without guarantee and subject to change without notice.