How to Apply in Denmark

All Universities in Denmark that accept foreign students have information services for foreign students. Be it an International Office, which is specifically geared to international applicants or at least an English Website. These services should be used by interested prospective students for getting to know how the applications are supposed to look like and which documents are needed.

Usually the application procedure at Danish universities for international students is as follows:
Every university also has application formula that can be found either online on their Homepage or that can be written off to the University.

The formula must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Graduation Degree from Secondary Education if it is the first study placement at a university
  • If applicable, degree of any University graduation
  • Certificate of English Language Proficiency
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Passport Photo

Keep in mind: All documents must be in English or Danish. Translations of documents must be officially attested. And the grades must be visible on the certificates alongside with an overview of the country specific grading system.
Deadlines for the application can be looked up online on the Websites of the respective university.

Admission Requirements

In general a secondary education degree e.g. the “higher education entrance qualification” and also many advanced technical degrees lead to an admission at Danish universities. Further requirements maybe specific according to the study programs at hand.

These qualifications concern a full-time study program in Denmark. Many students, however, also come just for an “exchange semester” to Denmark. Often times in these cases it is required that at least the foundation courses have been completed.

On the website of the universities or at the International Office you can also find whether a study program has any requirements concerning the grades you have to proof to have achieved in your secondary education certificate. The International Offices are institutions that can be found almost at every university and that is specifically set up to meet the needs and answer the questions of international students.

Another requirement that you have to fulfill is to proof that your English and/or Danish language skills are sufficient. For Danish this usually means taking the official Danish test called, Dansk Prave 2. Students that want to start their study in August or September should take this test in June at the latest. To study a program that is instructed in English you have to proof you language skills by taking the TOEFL test or other standardized language test. As this can, however, vary from university to university you enquire the specific requirements at the International Office of the university that you are interested in.

In general it is advisable to contact the respective International Office as soon as possible to get to know the relevant deadlines and to request information material. Because admission requirements cannot only vary from university to university, but also from year to year they should be requested individually.