Finding a place to live

After having made all the decisions and having applied for a study program and having been accepted there is another big step to take: Moving out and finding a place to live in your new home town.

First of all it´s important that students live differently in different countries. In some countries most students live on campus in so called students residences. In other countries this is rather usual and students try to find their own apartments which they share with other students to split the costs. In yet again other countries it is not uncommon to even share a room.

So before you go out and find a place to live first google a bit about how it works in the country of your choice.
Secondly, space is limited. This holds true for almost every country. Affordable and available apartments or rooms are quickly sold. So make sure to be as early as you can with your search for a place to live. You can check whether the University might have addresses or links on where to find something or if the city you´re moving to offers help for students who are looking for a place to live.

Don´t forget the internet is a great way to start your search, but if you happen to be in your new home town check local newspapers. The University billboards could be helpful as well.