International Business

3 Years
Students require the equivalent of a Dutch system HAVO or VWO diploma to apply for a bachelors programme for example German Abitur.

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What is this programme about

The IB programme prepares students for a successful international business career. It provides a strong grounding in traditional economics, covering the vital areas of marketing, sales, finance and management. In-depth modules give students an insight into various business careers and the experience of working in a global team. There is the chance to take part in projects and internships with international companies, which are geared towards a successful business career. The full-time programme lasts 4 years. We also offer an accelerated 3-year programme.

You will study a wide range of subjects related to business administration. The courses can be divided into five areas:
Marketing and Research
You will learn to develop and present products and you will do research into markets. Working in these areas will also develop your skills in mathematics and improves your ability to process statistics and carry out the qualitative research necessary for market research.
Finance and Business Analysis
You will learn about what managing a business means in everyday terms – from attracting capital and investing to analysing the cost items of a large company.
Business Environment
You will look at some of the challenges and dilemmas that international organisations can face. Themes include micro and macroeconomics, international law, international economic relations and logistics. You will learn how organisations function and how to provide effective leadership.
Business Communication
Your ideas will stand a better chance of success if you can explain them clearly and if you can work well with other people. So not only will you perfect your English, but you will also work on your communication skills at the same time. When you want you can also follow a second language like Spanish, Dutch, French, German and often also Korean, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.
Development and Learning Skills
Skills like planning your time or your study trajectory will prove essential later in your career. The more you learn during your courses and projects, the more easily you will be able to make career decisions later on. We also improve your intercultural and management skills.

English language skills
Since our international Bachelor programmes are taught entirely in English, you will need a good command of the English language, both spoken and written. Bachelor candidates who were educated in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada (except for Quebec!), Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa or Malta, or students holding a diploma (including English as an exam subject) stated on this diploma list, need not take an English proficiency test. All other prospective students are required to hand in a valid and sufficient TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or Cambridge ESOL (CAE/CPE) certificate to the Enrolment Centre.
Future career
The IB study programme has been designed to give you the best possible preparation for your future career. Our modules provide you with a sound basis in financial management and marketing. You will also strengthen your analytical and communicative skills. All this will open up a world of opportunities for you.
By the end of your IB programme you’ll be able to write a good business plan, carry out market research and designing a marketing strategy, calculate costs and manage a company’s accounts, understand the financial functioning of (large) companies, prepare financial documents that meet the requirements of international commercial law and fiscal legislation.
Many of our former students have gone to work for banks and consultancy agencies or for the sales & marketing departments or financial departments of multinational companies. Some of them have found challenging positions in smaller companies, and some have set up their own businesses. Our graduates include specialists in consultancy, ICT and the Internet, HRM and public relations.
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