Logistics Engineering

4 Years
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To be eligible as a prospective Bachelor degree programme student, you must have been awarded a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards.
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What is this programme about


In the Logistics study, you specialise in either Logistics and Economics (L&E) or Logistics Engineering (LE) after one year. LE deals with managing operations and the (re)engineering side of logistics. Setting up new warehouse lay-outs, advising customers in introducing new IT systems for stock management or the analysis and re-engineering the goods and information flow from supplier to customer are topics logistics engineers deal with. Thus within the LE study programme you’ll learn to be the business process engineer for internal projects or as consultant, understanding the demands and requirements of people, processes and systems.

Programme in brief

The hamburger you buy, those new jeans, a car; all products are preceded by major logistical processes. The complexity of these processes and the relationships between manufacturing, warehousing and distribution demands intelligent creation of networks. Smart logistics is what makes the region of Venlo logistics hotspot No. 1 within Europe. Venlo located to the border of Germany is the hub for fulfilling the European service demands. As a European top sector, logistics ensures an ever growing demand for highly qualified employees.

What can you expect from us

The programme is a well-balanced mix of lectures and practice based project work. Field visits and two half year internships will provide insights of the real life work environment.
We have excellent relations with the logistics industry at both national and international levels, so of course we can advise and help you with this.
A personal mentor will support you in reaching your  goals. Lectures are given in small classes. The teacher’s ‘open door policy’ underlines the open atmosphere which characterises the way we are working together.

What do we expect from you

As a logistics engineer you are interested in how things are organised. Collaboration with different kinds of people motivates you, but you can also work independently. You can easily overview processes and you like to (re)organise them. You like to take decisions, mostly based upon facts and figures. Choosing for a logistics study we expect you to be highly motivated and eager to excel in your personal competencies. Beside your scheduled lessons, self-study is the precondition for successful study progress. Finally enjoying what you do is what makes your study a success.


At Fontys you can choose between two logistical study programmes. The foundation of Logistics Engineering and Logistics & Economics is the same: managing and improving the logistical flow of goods. By choosing one of the two study programmes you specialise in an aspect of logistics.
In Logistics Engineering you specialise to become an engineer. You design logistical concepts. You have a quantitative mindset and work as a logistics advisor in projects.
Below you find an overview with the differences between the logistics study programmes:

Logistics & Economics

  • Develop an organisation
  • Continuous
  • Line function
  • Manager
  • Economics quantitative

Logistics Engineering

  • Developing logistical systems
  • Project-based
  • Staff function
  • Advisor
  • Operations Research skills


In the third and the fourth study year you will do an internship. You can choose the company yourself, but we also provide a list of companies we work with. Internships can be done in the Netherlands or abroad. The choice is up to you.
In both internships you will solve a problem within the company. You experience what it’s like to work at a bachelor-level position. In the meantime you build your professional network. Not rarely an internship leads to a job. During both internships you will be supported by a lecturer. You will finish your study at Fontys with a bachelor thesis based on your experiences during the last internship.


Fontys School for Technology and Logistics
phone: +31 8850 75477
mail: campusvenlo@fontys.nl

Tegelseweg 255
5912 BG Venlo, Niederlande

Postbus 141
5900 Venlo, Niederlande

web: fontysvenlo.nl/en/logistics-engineering

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