SRH Haarlem University of Applied Sciences is an educational institute newly founded in September 2021, which is located northwest of Amsterdam, in the beautiful small town of Haarlem. The campus, founded in cooperation with the German university network SRH and the Dutch Global School of Entrepreneurship (university in Amsterdam), offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that promote professional and personal growth.

The three bachelor programs BSc Creative Media, BSc Business Psychology and BSc Digital Transformation Management offer fully competence-based learning methods with regular practical projects in multinational and start-up companies in the Amsterdam region. Each program aims to equip our graduates with three important future skills. This includes (1) entrepreneurial thinking, (2) digital future and (3) ethics, social awareness and intercultural communication.

education concept

SRH Haarlem University of Applied Sciences follows an educational model specially developed by the cooperation partner SRH, the so-called CORE© principle. The didactic concept was awarded the Genius Loci Prize for excellence in university teaching by the Stifterverband in 2018.

The CORE© principle stands for "Competence Oriented Research and Education" and represents an answer to the new challenges of the education and job market with the targeted development of technical, methodological, social and personal skills. Guided by experienced lecturers and Learning coaches, it offers students an innovative teaching and learning concept that supports them individually and in a future-oriented manner in their personal development and the acquisition of skills.

The CORE© principle relies on active and independent learning based on the building blocks:

  • optimal teaching and learning conditions
  • continuous quality assurance
  • sustainable learning success
  • competence-oriented
  • Lecturer as learning coach
  • Five Week Blocks

Unique campus life

The dome and its surroundings offer a unique, combined living and study experience!

Our Haarlem University of Applied Sciences is housed in a former domed prison that has been transformed into a modern and innovative ecosystem. The building functions as a multipurpose center for education, art, culture and contemporary entrepreneurship.

Events, leisure activities and facilities, and joint projects on campus guarantee numerous opportunities for encounters that support our students in building a larger network outside of the classroom.

Our students also have the opportunity to live on our beautiful and safe university campus for at least 2 semesters. Students of different ages, nationalities and cultures will live in the newly built student apartments. This is a unique opportunity to make new friends and become part of our vibrant community.